Why to wear Bowties and what are the different types?

Among the different types of neckties, Bowties really can make one look classic. Amidst a crowd in a function, bowties will bring out the best of one’s looks in an exquisite manner. Here are some of the reasons that support wearing a bowtie in this fashion article.

Reasons for wearing a Bowtie:

  • Stylish Look – Bowties are getting more popular nowadays and lots of designs and varieties are available for the same. With those different trendy bowtie styles, one can rock every show, parties or get together.
  • Promising Makeover – With the same dressing style, one may feel getting bored. By shuffling between formal ties and bowties, we can put the end to such boredom. Another advantage of bowties is that they can also be used for formal occasions, where one can actually become a fashion trendsetter.
  • Confident Manner – For a man, bowtie gives more confident and manly look than the normal ties. One can look express himself smart, stylish and opulent by wearing bowties in an event or function.
  • No Disturbance – The main advantage of bowtie is that unlike the normal neckties, they won’t get in our ways and we don’t need to face any awkward situations like the tie flying over our face or constant adjustments. For hands free and constant working purposes, bowties are the best choice when compared to the normal ones.
  • Distinctive Appearance – Whatever the place, even a slight change in the attire can greatly differentiate you among others. For example, in an interview, your bowtie can you very much among the other candidates who are wearing the same, formal neckties. With proper attire, you can get a great impression among your friends, colleagues, superiors and even strangers.
  • Free Size – Unlike the formal neckties, one need not to be worried about the size, length and width of the bowties. Simply, there are no rules for bowtie selection and anything in the right color can go well with the dress.

Types of Bowties:

There are different types of bowties and they can be worn for any type of occasions. Some of them and the right occasions for wearing those ties are as follows:

  • Butterfly type – Looks similar to a butterfly and is normally used for formal events and functions for subtle appearance.
  • Rounded Club – The ends of these bowties are rounded and it is usually the least formal among the other types. Most suitable for any get togethers or party events.
  • Batwing – It is normally a straight type with shorter height. Due to its refreshing looks, it is more popular and is suitable for any type of occasions.
  • Diamond tip – As the name implies, the ends of this bowties have a sharp, diamond like shape which makes it trendier and more stylish. Like the batwing type, this one is also suitable for any type of occasions, varying fromformal meeting to night parties.